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mySMTP sending policy
On daily basis we work hard to filter out spammers wishing to violate the platform and our basic email sending policies.

Spammers use stolen credits cards and PayPal accounts to pay for the service if possible. We manage to stop all those attempts due to a sophisticated vetting system to uncover false identities and stolen payment methods. Also combined with the banks and credit cards upgraded security features like 3-D, VISA Verified etc, the amount of fraud attempts has drastically gone down.

Email lists and bounces
We accept up to 10% hard/soft bounces. If more than that it indicates a purchased third party list with no opt-in.
A list must be based on OPT in and follow the GDPR rules. So it’s a waste of money trying to send using trashy data just burning email credits.
Always make a pre-cleaning of your list data to remove potential non existing email boxes and other hardbounces.

Spam complaints and blocks
We have reputation surveillance on all our sending IPs and customer domains engaged in the system.
If a problem occurs, we get the message first and take action from that to solve the problem.

To stop further damage on the overall reputation for both parts we will stop any campaign or sending if those thresholds are violated.

Whats not allowed to send

Sexual adult content
Tobacco advertising
Political information
Propaganda for riots

The sender identity (from name, from address, reply address) must be clearly communicated in every message sent.

This also includes the physical address of the company sending the email campaigns.

An unsubscribe link is obligatory in every email campaign.

Receivers must have an option to opt-out for receiving future email communications.

Email senders must comply with and accept our general terms of business before any email sending.