• Dedicated SMTP own IP
  • Detailed logs on all emails
  • Connect and start sending in 5 minutes
  • Support from deliverability experts

100% hosted in the EU

Send emails from our SMTP cloud.
High capacity - Get to the Inbox - We know how

SMTP solution for all

mySMTP works for any  client able to send an email, IOT, sensors, software and more.

Outsource your SMTP

Let the experts send your emails and save time.
SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI certifications.

Email campaigns

We send your email campaigns and transactionals
Own hosted MailWizz connected to our dedicated SMTP servers

Email deliverability

mySMTP is a cloud-based SMTP service. We send millions of emails every day and are ready to take care of your email sending tasks. mySMTP has sent emails since 2007 in Denmark and globally. As an email service provider, we are obligated to provide the best possible support and run the most operationally secure platform hosted here in the EU.

All types of email

Whether you send 10 or 1 million emails a day - we have the expertise to get your emails to inboxes. We use industry standards like SPF, DKIM and DMARC to certify your outgoing email. Getting email to the recipient with your professional email identity is a discipline with no compromises. We work closely together and provide support so everything is finely tuned when the first email is sent.

Send email using a cloud SMTP server

If you choose a dedicated SMTP cloud server, you send email using your own IP number and domain. This gives you full control of the reputation of what you send. If you need a fullscale professional system to handle email lists and make state of the art email content - we offer Mailwizz.

New product: Custom RDNS for dedicated servers and IPs

When sending from a dedicated mySMTP server using own IP, the IP number resolves to reverse DNS which is a hostname like “relay8.mysmtp.com”. Its a basic network rule for sending emails to have this active RDNS. We have noticed a new trend from many free mail box providers pointing at the fact that using your own domain in the Reverse DNS strenghten the reputation and deliverability. Please check out more details here




The SMTP server is the solution for all requirements, from one to 10 million emails a day.

Day-to-day email

The best choice for a family or a small business.
The flexible email package.


Send up to 100 emails a day. Small businesses, printers, scanners, sensors - the Internet of Things


Larger daily amounts and the possibility for more individual SMTP logins. Recommended for mid-sized and large businesses

Emails To Go

If you just want to send a monthly newsletter or want to have a flexible sending account. This solution has no time limit and can be stand alone.

Email marketing solution

If you need to send larger amounts of emails, our dedicated SMTP cloud server solution combined with MailWizz list and content system. You send using a dedicated IP number


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SMTP Lifetime Free

Welcome to a brand new subscription from mySMTP.com.

After sending emails to all of Denmark and the rest of the world since 2007, we know that many people only need to send maybe 10-15 emails a day. That's why we now offer a totally free lifetime subscription to you or your company that covers these daily volumes.

With Lifetime Free, you receive up to 15 emails daily (24 hours interval).