mySMTP gives you

Secure hosting in a Danish data centre

Scalable SMTP cloud servers optimised for email sending

mySMTP works all over the world

Email software
mySMTP can send emails from all kinds of devices: PCs, mobile devices, scanners, sensors - the Internet of Things

Flexible subscriptions
mySMTP offers subscriptions for all types of day-to-day email requirements

Easy administration
The mySMTP dashboard gives you detailed logs and statistics regarding your email activity and flexible upgrading possibilities

subscription types

We offer various subscriptions that can accommodate any email needs of private or business. 
You can get quickly to the overview here:

  • ORDER Marketing and transaction emails - for you to send thousands of emails monthly with high speed and a private IP number
  • ORDER Emails To Go - if you are sending eg a newsletter a few times a month, this can be flexible subscription be the solution
  • ORDER Subscriptions with time limits are often used by individuals and businesses who know their daily email send needs
  • Read more Mailwizz is a combination of a powerful SMTP relay with a system which handles the sending of your e-mail newsletters and maintains data alive.

Features for marketing mailers

  • Dedicated SMTP cloud server
    A cloud server with one or more IP addresses.
  • Logs, bounced export .csv
    Export logs to Excel .csv.
  • Sender reputation
    Check the sender reputation of your IP number.
    We help with the setup of industry standards SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.
  • Dedicated IP
    IP number that only you use and Reverse DNS PTR.
  • 25 mb attachments
    25 mb basic, 50 mb possible if desired.
  • IP rotation up to 5 IPs
    Do you have special requirements for speed, you can mail from more than one IP number.
  • Feedback loops, Hotmail, AOL and others available
    We will forward any. complaints from free mails directly to your inbox.
  • Unlimited senders
    From 1 to unlimited senders.
  • Support
    Telephone support: 9 am - 3 PM CET weekdays, Email og Skype
  • Dashboard with live stats and detailed logs
    Dashboardet gives you detailed insight into your mailouts success. See details on all mails sent
  • Bandwidth
    Unlimited bandwidth without extra payment
  • IP whitelisting
    Should your printer or scanner send without SMTP AUTH, we can whitelist IP addresses.
  • Throttling
    We can set the sending speed for free mails, it provides better delivery performance.