About the company

Hans got the idea of starting SMTP in 2006 when he changed offices frequently as a web consultant. Most places had a slow process and getting access to the network’s SMTP server was difficult.  

This was also the case when travelling abroad, where hotels, airports and underdeveloped IT areas caused problems with being able to send email with one’s own domain. It was not always optimal to use a webmail such as Gmail, which, of course, also earns money by gathering your data for their Adwords.

Others also experienced the problem, and when the web site with a few subscription possibilities saw the light of day in 2007, customers quickly came into the shop. Since then, the growth of the number of customers has steadily increased, the product has been further developed on an ongoing basis and now it also includes dedicated SMTP servers and mail list software.

We reside in the part of Copenhagen called ‘Refshaleøen’ - and you are welcome to call us if you would like to know more about how we can send your emails.