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Outsourced SMTP

Keep track of your outgoing email operations

An outsourced SMTP server is a good idea if your business is highly based on electronic communication and the ability to answer and send emails with lightning speed. And why have the hassle spending many man hours to operate your own SMTP if these functions can be safely outsourced?

Sending with own IP number

Your mySMTP server will mail out with own IP, dedicated only to your business. A shared IP pool is never stronger than the weakest link, so if just one by accident or hacking sends spam, all IPs will be contaminated.

Seamless integration with all your email sending clients

All the companys email sending clients can connect to the mySMTP server with unlimited daily sendings. No thresholds for daily amounts. Works for Printers, scanners, accounting systems, sensors, email clients, mobile emails and all other.

Those all important transactional emails

Make sure your receipts, "lost password", legal updates, sign up receipts etc. is sent and received in miliseconds.

Security and hosting

mySMTP is hosted 100% in the EU. Our hosting center is secured and certified. We are GDPR compliant. Using TLS 1.2. Please request our Data Processor Agreement or check it out here.

Get a free test

  • 1000 free credits

  • 1 dedicated SMTP server + IP

  • Full Dashboard access

  • Onboarding help - no extra cost - no card needed

  • 30 days availability

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