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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

mySMTP Dedicated Cloud Server

What is a dedicated mySMTP server?

A dedicated mySMTP server sends using its own IP number, which you have sole responsibility for regarding sending reputation. It also has its own resources based on cloud technology, more disk space and RAM can be added on short notice as needed. This type of server will also send significantly faster than a shared SMTP server - up to 25 emails per second.
We recommend this product to the business sending large volumes of email to lists or that need an SMTP server for more operationally critical email transmissions, such as transactional emails, receipts from e-commerce, email receipts that confirm dates etc.

Can I send 1 million emails a month?

Yes, if your email list consists of subscribers who have agreed to receive your emails. We do not allow third-party email lists without OPT-IN.

Can I send using more IP numbers?

Yes, we allow up to 5 IP numbers per mySMTP server to accommodate high volume deliverability

Why sending with dedicated IP number?

Having your own IP number, you are in control of reputation building from both your IP and sending domain. From a shared IP pool it only takes one “rotten apple” to poison all sender reputation.
If you plan to send more than 50.000 emails per month it makes sense to have a dedicated IP. Internet service providers are very sensitive for large volumes sending fast and within a short time range. So using the dedicated IP gives you the best tool to ramp up volumes and secure your reputation.

What percentage of hardbounces do you accept?

Max 10% bounces if based on spamfiltering and complaints.

How fast can I start sending?

When everything is cleared regarding payment, certifying sending domain(s) with SPF, DKIM and DMARC you are good to go.

Is dedicated mySMTP server only for large email volumes?

No, for business critical sendings like transactional emails, accounting, IOT and webshop correspondence the dedicated server is the best in class to secure your deliverability.

Are mySMTP GDPR compliant as a dataprocessor in the EU?

Yes, we are fully compliant. Please ask for our Data Processor Agreement to process

Where is mySMTP infrastructure hosted?

We are 100% hosted in Denmark within the EU

How do you support?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For onboarding we help you all the way until all is tested and ready based on various tools checking inboxes with seed emails etc. Any support in daily business via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or skype: smtpsupport

Do you support SSL/TLS?

Only TLS version 1.2 is supported. Support for SSL has been dropped due to the POODLE security vulnerability.

What is max size of attachments?

It's 25 mb, but remember an attachment grows in data size when mailed, and only few mailboxes accepts huge attachments.

Do you have a SPAM policy?

Yes, of course we do not tolerate spam of any kind. Read our policy here

What does ‘sending reputation’ mean?

The IP that you send from combined with the domain creates a reputation for sending in the network, based on many different parameters. If for example, there are many people who mark your emails as being spam, your sending reputation will quickly become poor. Blacklists keep track of whether all rules are complied with and whether your domain, for example, is SPF, DKIM and DMARC certified. mySMTP also monitors all sending IPs and can help with the problems that sometimes arise. It is most important that the rules regarding OPT-in and third-party data are complied with.
Also we offer a deliverability monitoring service named RepHero – check the details here

How do I order and get started?

Click here for our ordering page
After order received we set you up in the client system and issue an invoice based on the product ordered. When paid we mail you the SMTP server setup credentials. From there it’s a 5 min setup to start mailing from your preferred frontend.

Recurring and Pay-As-You-Go pricing

Recurring is based on a monthly subscription with x amount of monthly emails available. When the 30 days period ends an invoice is issued and if any email credits left, they are lost.
Pay-As-You-Go is the flexible subscription, where credits are available until used. A good choice if email activities changes in volumes each month. This subscription has a higher price than recurring due to the availability of ressources with no time limit. We just need to see some sending activity within 30 days or server will be auto reset.

Can i pay using Crypto currencies?

Yes, we accept any crypto of choice for payment of the Marketing and Transactional Emails products

To order a product using Crypto as payment, please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with this information:

Product to purchase:
Contact information:
VAT no if inside EU:
Sending domain(s):
Email box to receive feedback loops/complaints:

Then we set you up for Crypto payment and you will receive an invoice for the requested product purchase.
We reccomend payment by a Tether coin

Do you have a system for setting up emails and uploading data to send?

Yes, we offer MailWizz hosted in our own infrastructure. For more details please go here

Do you have a free test?

Yes, we can offer that – just need to know a little about your business objectives and what kind of data and content you will use. On this part we are always a little tough on ID vetting 😉

Outgoing SMTP service

What can I use mySMTP for?

If you use mySMTP as your outgoing email server, we ensure that you can send your emails from networks that are normally not open for you to send your personal emails from your PC or mobile device. It is typically the case that Internet providers are very restrictive when it comes to providing access to outgoing SMTP servers by, among other things, blocking port 25, which is a standard outgoing port. mySMTP uses port 587, 2525 and if if open port 25. All devices, clients and systems that can send email can use mySMTP.

What does SMTP mean?

SMTP is the abbreviation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. In other words, SMTP is the standard system that is used when your email is to be sent out into the world. There is a more detailed description of the SMTP protocol in Wikipedia.

Why can’t I just use my Internet provider’s SMTP server?

The outgoing port 25 is typically blocked in other networks when you try to send email. mySMTP uses port 587 and optional 2525, which is always open. In this way, mySMTP is an open alternative that gives you the freedom to email in all networks. If you are to send a lot of daily emails, you will also often find that your provider restricts amount of emails that are sent daily.

Why not use a browser webmail such as Gmail and others?

With mySMTP you do not have to log in and send using different email addresses and thus compromise your professional identity. mySMTP makes it possible for you to send your personal email using your own domain regardless of where you are. And you decide the volumes needed to send - no restirctions.

Subscriptions & Prices

How do I start using my mySMTP account?

If you have tested mySMTP free of charge and want to continue with a paid subscription, all you have to do is log into your account from the home page.
Your information is already in the system, so all you have to do is choose which subscription you would like to continue with. Then you receive a receipt for your purchase.
If you buy a subscription without testing first, you just have to choose a subscription in the subscription overview. Your account will be active as soon as payment has been processed. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Which subscription should I choose?
  1. If you are a single user (one email address) with normal email requirements, a Basic subscription would suit your needs. This subscription lets you send up to 100 emails a day.
  2. If you want to share your mySMTP subscription with family or friends (up to three email addresses), you should choose Family.
  3. If you need SMTP service for more people, for example a company or a work group, you can choose between different Premium subscriptions. The Corporate subscription gives you up to 3000 daily emails.
  4. The Small Business subscription gives you the possibility to send up to 300 emails a day with five different email accounts. Read more detailed descriptions of the subscriptions here.
  5. Time-limited subscriptions can be for one to three years. There is a discount for two and three-year subscriptions. (Two years: -15% and three years: -25%)
  6. You can also buy optional Buffer Emails for your subscriptions so that you have extra emails if your daily maximum has been used.
  7. Emails To Go is a subscription type that can be used if, for example, you only need to send emails to a distribution list occasionally. Here you can choose the volume of email credits that suits your email needs.
Can I use the same mySMTP subscription for more email software and mobile devices?

You can share your SMTP login with an unlimited number of users. If you would like to have separate statistics for the users, they must have their own logins for a multi-user account and you should also be aware of whether the daily email volume is enough for a number of users. For optimal security, we recommend using separate logins.

How many emails can I send at one time if I have a subscription for 100 emails a day?

With this subscription, you can send emails to, for example, 10 ordinary recipients and 90 Cc or Bcc recipients. Each recipient counts as one email transmission, including Cc.: and Bcc.: If you have an account with a number of email accounts, for example Family, the daily volume of emails that is available is shared. If you sometimes need more emails than the daily maximum, we can recommend buying Buffer emails.

Can I email using mySMTP abroad?

Yes, with mySMTP you do not need to change your email set-up just because you are travelling. If you have set up your machine to use your mySMTP login and password, you are able to send email from all foreign networks. If the foreign network provider or network administrator blocks port 25, which they often do, you can simply change to port 587 or 2525.
So now there is always access from airports, hotels and the inland Greenlandic ice sheet.

How can I extend and upgrade mySMTP subscription?

You can extend your subscription online by logging into the dashboard at mySMTP. Ten days before your subscription expires, you will receive an email from mySMTP, reminding you that it is about to expire. If you subsequently do not do anything, a final reminder will be sent by email two days before your subscription expires and on the final day itself. After your subscription has expired, you can always reactivate it.
If you want to upgrade, for example from a Basic subscription to a Small Business subscription, this can be done using your account administration.

Is it possible to purchase more daily emails?

Yes, you simply log into your account from the home page and then purchase Buffer emails. For example, if you send more than the daily maximum, Buffer emails will be sent automatically so that everything reaches its destination.

How can I pay?

mySMTP accepts payment by VISA, VISA Electron, JB, MasterCard, PayPal and Bitcoin (only for dedicatd servers) mySMTP use 3-D secure for extra security.

What can I see in my account dashboard?

The dashboard provides you with information and detailed sending statistics for all emails with a time stamp. You can also administer SMTP logins, see payment history and much more.

How quickly can I get started?

The account will be active as soon as you have paid. You will receive an invoice for payments that have been made and a set-up email.

What are Buffer emails?

Buffer emails give you extra emails that can be used if you exceed your daily limit of, for example, 100 daily emails. Then email 101+ will be sent via your Buffer email account. Up to 100,000 buffer emails can be purchased.
Buffer emails are available as long the account is active.

Can I use a free email address like Gmail, Hotmail etc for sending emails?

Free email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. unfortunately cannot be used to send with. Because of the risk of abuse, Google and Microsoft have shut down the possibility to use their email addresses for use in other servers than their own.

Technology & Security

Can third parties read my email when I send them from mySMTP?

No, mySMTP has a high level of security and regularly updates its security systems. In addition, our servers are only for outgoing email transmissions. Sent emails and content are not stored in the SMTP server either. Only if the email for one reason or another cannot be delivered to the recipient, attempts will be made to send the email for 48 hours from when it is received by SMTP, after which time the email will be deleted from the system’s queue and a non delivery bounce message will be sent from the failing receiver.

How can I see whether my email has been sent and received?

On the dashboard, you can see all of the details about any sent email and received email in the detailed transmission statistics and log.

What is the largest attachment that can be sent?

With mySMTP you can send emails up to 25 MB in size. Many mail servers are configured to receive emails that have a maximum size of 25 MB, but this is far from always the case. If, for example, you have 20 recipients of a large email to the same receiving server, it can cause big problems in the network that is to receive the email. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not always send large emails. An email with an attachment that is 20 MB large will be transformed into 25 MB when it is sent as an email. You might compress files before you send them. Alternatively, use an FTP or Dropbox.

My email was sent, but the recipient did not receive it – why?

There can be many reasons why an email does not arrive. It is a good idea to find out whether it has gone into the recipient’s spam folder. There might also be technical problems at the receiving end. If an email cannot be delivered, you will normally always get a bounce message that explains the reason. In order to achieve optimal delivery, we recommend that you use SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, which are explained below.

How do I set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC in my sender domain?

Together with our set-up email, you will receive an SPF record, which covers all of our servers’ IPs and domains. The SPF record that is placed in the sending domain’s DNS record verifies the sending network and receiver that this domain uses as the outgoing server. The SPF record for use together with is: v=spf1 mx a ~all.
In an existing SPF record for your sending domain you should add this  :
DKIM is a unique key that is included in all of your email headers, which verifies that you domain is valid for sending via the SMTP server.
DMARC is primarily an anti-phishing certification, which ensures that your domain cannot be used for malevolent phishing and other similar domain spoofing. You can set up your own DMARC record by using this wizard. DKIM can be ordered directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We provide advice about this, if necessary. 
Want to know more details about email certification best practices and explanations, please check this great BLOG entry from Glock APPs

Does mySMTP use outgoing TLS encryption?

Yes, mySMTP supports TLS 1.1 and 1.2. We do not support SSL

Why should I use outgoing port 587?

Port 587 is the alternative email port that is always open in the network. So if port 25 is closed in a foreign network, you should use port 587 or 2525.

Where is the mySMTP hosting centre?

Our data centre is in Copenhagen.

How do I set up my email software for mySMTP outgoing email?

All devices that can send email can use You can find manuals for most email software in our Guides section.

My scanner/printer cannot use the SMTP login – can this be fixed?

Yes, if you get the IP number behind the device, we can whitelist the IP number and the device can then send. You just have to send the IP number and we will take care of the rest.

My email client ‘cannot connect with the SMTP server’.What should I do?

Check the port number behind your email client. You can connect with the SMTP server and ask for the available port number using the TELNET protocol: Click Start, select Run… Then enter cmd in the box and click OK. Then an MS-DOS prompt will open. Enter the following: telnet 587. Click OK to connect with the SMTP server. If the connection is OK, a reply will come from the mail server in the Telnet window: 220 ESMTP Postfix (Debian-GNU). If you have not been able to connect through port 587, you can try using port 25 and 2525. If these do not work, there may be a blockage in the firewall, which your administrator must open. Alternatively, you can also use IP number:

IP Whitelisting for devices that can't do SMTP authorization

If your application can not use SMTP authorization with username and password (typically scanners and older-date printers, accounting programs and sensors), we can whitelist the IP address the device uses in your network. For example, to find your IP number, use a service like The following setup should then be used: For whitelisting setup, outgoing SMTP is used: or IP The device that sends must have a FROM email that is active on your SMTP account - that's the way we can verify that account May use whitelisting. For example, if you have a user named This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., it must also be a sender on the device.

What support does mySMTP offer?

You can reach us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Skype: smtpsupport

Where can I see the status of the service?

This status page will always be updated with service messages: