mySMTP gives you

Secure hosting in a Danish data centre

Scalable SMTP cloud servers optimised for email sending

mySMTP works all over the world

Email software
mySMTP can send emails from all kinds of devices: PCs, mobile devices, scanners, sensors - the Internet of Things

Flexible subscriptions
mySMTP offers subscriptions for all types of day-to-day email requirements

Easy administration
The mySMTP dashboard gives you detailed logs and statistics regarding your email activity and flexible upgrading possibilities

What is SMTP?

SMTP is the abbreviation of ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’ and is the protocol that email clients use for sending email. Most people use an SMTP server every day, each time they send an email.

Why mySMTP?

Most Internet providers only allow sending email from their network if you are one of their customers. With mySMTP you get an outgoing SMTP server that always works, regardless of which network you use.

Once your log in code is used for the first time, it is added to your laptop, smart phone or tablet and you are free. If, for example, you use mySMTP at work, you do not need to do anything extra to easily read and send email when you come home.

mySMTP guarantees that you have a constant coverage service from any Internet connection and maximum broadband and speed via our high-performance cloud servers.