Spam policy


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In order for mySMTP to offer the best and most secure service to our customers, we have some simple rules regarding sending emails based on CAN-SPAM ACT and national and international regulations.

Third-party email lists
Sending to lists that have been purchased from or have been borrowed from third parties is prohibited. Email must not be sent to lists with content that has been gathered or ‘scraped’ from the Internet. The publication of an email address does not mean that you may send mail to it without the consent of the recipient.
Emails may only be sent to recipients who expressly have given their consent to receive them by actively enrolling or subscribing to a newsletter.

Emails must not generate an unacceptably high level of spam complaints 
mySMTP  monitors all sending IPs and domains 24/7. If the level of complaints exceeds our tolerance threshold, we will immediately block the sending account and the SMTP server. Subject lines must not include misleading texts that are not related to the email content.  Email must comply with legal regulations. That is, it must not include pornographic material, encourage unrest and other subjects described in our disclaimer.

Subscription cancellation
All emails with marketing content must include a clear ‘cancellation’ link.  This must ensure that when a recipient has cancelled a subscription to a newsletter email, all records regarding this email must be deleted in the sender’s database.
Transaction emails, such as receipts, do not have to include a ‘cancellation’ link.

Emails must not include untrue or misleading headers and source information. ‘From’, ‘To’ and ‘Reply to’ must contain the correct domain name that the sender uses.
Domain names must not be WHOIS anonymous.
Marketing and newsletter emails must have a footer that includes the sender’s identity and contact information.

If these rules are not complied with, mySMTP will close the sending account without notice.