Deliverability Consultant


There are some general things that need to be in place for your emails to arrive safely to the recipients, here we describe some basic features that should always be in order. At the same time, we offer consultants assistance in getting your email sending universe optimized as we have done since 2007.


Email certifications

Sending emails is not an easy business if you want to reach the inbox.  A lot of things has to be optimized to meet the mail box providers requirements for delivering your emails.

Alone in the EU the GDPR has made it clear for all senders, that data without opt in and permission from receivers has no chance to reach the inbox.
Also the free mail universe wants you to make sure the basic email certifications

  • SPF
  • DKIM

are added to your sending domains DNS records. We see lot of bounces on the delivery statistics if not.


feedback loop


Feedback Loops

To process Feedback Loops from the major is another crucial discipline.  If a person with a Hotmail account marks a mail as spam which is a complaint, the feedback loop sends an email for you to process, so this person is unsubscribed from your list.
Around 20 of these FBLs has to be considered to sign up to for each IP and domain used to send out your emails.



Domains and IP reputation

If one of the major 20 realtime blacklists blocks your sending domains or IPs you have to take quick action on this to solve the problem before major damage happens.  You might want to do this time consuming job yourself, but mySMTP offers daily help to take this work out your daily efforts sending emails. Please check and get a quote.

mySMTP has dealed with delivery issues since 2007 and we guarentee the we can find something to optimize on your email sending platform. 
Give it a  try and get a qoute, email