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You can use with nearly all email programs, which give you the possibility to ‘authorise’ an outgoing SMTP server with a user name and password. We have set-up guidelines for the most common email clients on our support website.

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Email delivery

Sending and delivering email is part of daily life for most people, both privately and professionally.

Due to problems with spam, it has become more difficult to deliver email to the recipient’s inbox in a stable manner. Internet providers activate filters for their customers’ email boxes and use active real-time black list systems that assess all incoming email with critical filters.

Since 2007, has delivered billions of emails around the world and has obtained unique knowledge about how your email is delivered and best practises. It has to do with being on the leading edge with the latest technologies and being able to send email quickly and securely to the recipient in all networks, for both small and large volumes.  

Outgoing SMTP

The diagram here shows the function that an SMTP server has in the network.

Basically, the SMTP server is the gateway you use to send your email to the recipient, who has a mailbox such as POP3 and IMAP.

Your email is split into a lot of packages, which find each other in the end in the recipient’s mailbox in the correct sequence. All of this takes place in a few seconds - even when your email is to be delivered to the other side of the world.

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We at mySMTP are ‘email geeks’, who always protect our possibility - and freedom - to send email. Therefore, mySMTP thoroughly through technical system ensures security on an ongoing basis. This also means that we monitor all emails 24 hours a day to ensure that they are delivered and no blockages occur.

It is possible to use TLS for outgoing encryption if your email program allows it to do so. Any attempt to send spam results in closing the mySMTP account automatically without notice.

Sending marketing emails

In a complex world where IT infrastructure and email conditions change from day to day, it has become a complicated task to send your marketing emails to your distribution list and, of course, ensure that the emails go to the inboxes.

All major webmail providers, such as Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo often change their spam filters for incoming email for their users. Therefore, we are at the forefront of optimising the SMTP platform on a daily basis so that these requirements can be met.

Running your own SMTP server can constantly having it be up to date with the technical requirements can be time-consuming work. offers a dedicated cloud SMTP server for your email requirements together with a unique IP address or a number of addresses that only you use.

In this way, your company can establish a good sending reputation in the email network by adhering to the rules and using recipient-approved email lists.

mySMTP offers a combination of a reliable sending environment and experience with sending large volumes of email on a daily basis.

As an email service provider with 10 years of experience in the sending market, we use the market’s standards such as feedback loops, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, blacklist monitoring 24/7 and access to statistics and log files to ensure your success.

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Our SMTP server set-up is based on flexible cloud solutions, which are constantly scaled to the current performance requirements.
In line with the increasing demand for speed and larger volumes of mail, we are constantly on the leading edge by using the latest and most stable email technologies, which support both desktop and mobile platforms.

Our servers are hosted in Copenhagen Denmark.

Shared SMTP server

A shared SMTP server is used for a number of different mailers, who also share the IP numbers that the server sends from. This product is most suitable for small mail transmissions from 100 to 3000 a day. This means that it can cover the email requirements of most people and companies - privately or mid-sized companies.  

Dedicated SMTP server

A dedicated SMTP server sends using its own IP number, which you have sole responsibility for. It also has its own resources based on cloud technology, so, for example, more disk space and memory can be added on short notice as needed. This type of server will also send significantly faster than a shared SMTP server - up to 25 emails per second. We recommend this product to the business that sends large volumes of email to lists or that need an SMTP server for more operationally critical email transmissions, such as transaction email, receipts from e-commerce, email receipts that confirm dates etc.

Both shared and dedicated SMTP servers send in accordance with the email certifications SPF, DKIM and DMARC, which ensure the best possible receipt.