All prices are in EURO including all move closer. The VAT will however always be specified separately on the purchase receipt you receive on the email following purchase. We reserve the right for errors and price changes.


The mySMTP subscription is valid from one month to one year at a time. Your subscription is activated as soon as your payment is registered. When you have selected and paid the subscription you require, you will receive two emails. One with your personal log-in to and a link to the setup instructions; and one with your purchase receipt.


You can pay with VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, JCB and PayPal.


Your payment to mySMTP is safe. The line is encrypted via a secure SSL protocol to PBS via Epay. Therefore, only mySMTP can see your personal information. We store all contact information for two years and you have full assurance that we do not use the information in other marketing contexts.

Right of return

Since the product is an electronic service we do not offer the right to return. If  system not used and no emails sent within 14 days we refund as the Danish consumer legislation dictate. Please also read Disclaimer

Other terms

Referral is also made to the terms of trade, which you will receive during the purchase of the product.

Refund claim

mySMTP has the usual product liability for the delivered electronic service. If you are not satisfied, then please send an email to with your complaint.

Information emails from mySMTP

By accepting mySMTP sales and delivery terms, you will receive e-mails from mySMTP with relevant news for the customer relationship