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Order a dedicated SMTP server

A dedicated SMTP cloud server gives you full control and tracking of all of the emails you send. You send them using your own IP number.


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Dedicated IP
Cloud SMTP

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SMTP Custom

Get a quote if you need to send more than 1 million emails monthly, or if you need a SMTP server for special business critical email senders. Contact support@mysmtp.com for more info

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Features for marketing mailers

  • Dedicated SMTP cloud server
    A cloud server with one or more IP addresses.
  • Logs, bounced export .csv
    Export logs to Excel .csv.
  • Sender reputation
    Check the sender reputation of your IP number.
    We help with the setup of industry standards SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.
  • Dedicated IP
    IP number that only you use and Reverse DNS PTR.
  • 25 mb attachments
    25 mb basic, 50 mb possible if desired.
  • IP rotation up to 5 IPs
    Do you have special requirements for speed, you can mail from more than one IP number.
  • Feedback loops, Hotmail, AOL and others available
    We will forward any. complaints from free mails directly to your inbox.
  • Unlimited senders
    From 1 to unlimited senders.
  • Support
    Telephone support: 9 am - 3 PM CET weekdays, Email og Skype
  • Dashboard with live stats and detailed logs
    Dashboardet gives you detailed insight into your mailouts success. See details on all mails sent
  • Bandwidth
    Unlimited bandwidth without extra payment
  • IP whitelisting
    Should your printer or scanner send without SMTP AUTH, we can whitelist IP addresses.
  • Throttling
    We can set the sending speed for free mails, it provides better delivery performance.