SMTP Lifetime Free

Welcome to a brand new subscription from mySMTP
After sending emails to most of the world since 2007, we know that many people only need to send maybe 10-15 emails a day. That's why we now offer a totally free lifetime subscription to you or your company that covers these daily volumes.
With Lifetime Free, you receive up to 15 emails daily (24 hours interval).


  • Lifetime Free includes 15 emails daily, Cc and Bcc count as recipients.
  • Functions on the same platform as paid subscriptions.
  • Easy to upgrade if a larger volume of daily emails are needed.
  • Fast and easy 5-min setup.
  • Same support as paid subscriptions.


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Terms of use:
Signup applies to our regular disclaimer
You can only subscribe to Lifetime Free with a domain you or your company owns. Free email services such as Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, AOL etc., will be automatically blocked at sign up.
If you reach the daily limit of e-mails, 15, and want to send more e-mails, we allow you to send an automatic e-mail referring to the various upgrade options mySMTM offers.
Cc and Bcc are take into consideration towards the counting of the 15 daily emails.
You send with your own identity and there will be no advertising in your emails sent via mySMTP.
Please read the
FAQ  for more information.